Best beach  resorts & hotels with the highest level of privacy in diani ,perfect for your holiday.
By David Tonny
Published 1 year ago

     Palm trees oscillating in a temperate waft, a Mediterranean- blue ocean slurping at the spineless, snowy sand, and coral reefs swarming with aquatic life. This is the picture-perfect impression of a beach resort in Diani. To give an in-depth of what I'm talking about, here are the crème de la crème hotels in Diani, offering the highest level of privacy while maintaining world-class standards of amenities. This is arguably what every holidaymaker needs. They include:

Southern Palms Beach Resort.

     This is one of the all-inclusive beach resorts ideal for families as well as large groups. Southern palms beach resort is a calm resort where the cushy coral spreads to the extreme end of the shore with balcony rooms as well as a thatched roof depicting the Swahili effect. Grab one of the many sun sunbeds on the sandy beach or around the palm-trimmed open-air pool, and unwind with a newly pressed juice or any drink of your choice. 

 Swahili Beach Resort.

      This classy resort’s main architectural inspiration is Arabic with a tantalizing relief carving and lattice star decorations combined with a Swahili deep feeling in the airy rooms. Palm trees contour the corridors between four restaurants, with Kenyan-Indian synthesis and inter-Asian selections. Plunge into Swahili Beach Resort’s open-air limitlessness pool, marching down towards the Indian Ocean as you enjoy the warm evening sun. 

Elewana AfroChic Diani Beach.

     Going against all odds in the hotel industry, the property preserves a small-hotel ambiance, with merely ten guest rooms. enjoy the sea or orchard from your cloistered veranda or walkway before sampling garden-fresh seafood under a summerhouse on the beach.   

Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Resort.

     The gradually deferring white sand beach provides a way to Mediterranean water, which camouflages the rich marine world of Diani. Cottages at this quiet oceanfront resort are sparsely blown out across the woodland for extreme confidentiality. The orchard rooms are cushioned in the well preserved, lavish botanical gardens full of native trees and bushes. The beachfront rooms have a pleasant view of the sapphire Indian Ocean waters. Grasping an astounding sunrise is so graceful and mystic when staying in these rooms. A striking melody of the periodic sound of the waves whipping against the beach then slithering away amounts to a soothing holiday. sandwiched between the rooms are dive pools with a fizzing water inlet impersonating a Jacuzzi, for visitors in need of a noiseless comforting period away from the central swimming pool. 

Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort.

     With the dazzling ocean on one side and an 18-hole golf course on the other, very few hotels can contest the assortment of facilities at this charming beach resort. While at leisure lodge beach and golf resort You’ll revel in the sea breeze in multi-coloured rooms with cloistered verandas and warm honey-and-wood-toned fittings, opposing a blue, oceanic theme. For even more privacy, the main suites are separate villas with a cloistered pool area. Swallow sundowners at the Coral Beach Bar with your toes immersed in the lax sand as you unwind.