This is what every  tour and travel operator should do in order to increase sales.
By David Tonny
Published 2 years ago

     Growing sales in a tour/travel company is the number one emphasis of any travel agency .However,With the sporadic nipping up of new tour /travel agencies each coming day, Competition in this lucrative industry is proving bumpy and overflowing each passing day, With each one of these agencies brushing shoulders for their piece of the cake.Each agency is in the race to trade more and further than their competitors.
Regrettably, a good number of them drift away from the focus while struggling to get their reasonable share of clientele, and as an alternative to engaging new travelers over to their agency, they end up overlooking who they are doing it for. To avert this, here are a few guidelines to keep the customer in focus, accelerate sales in your tour/travel agency as you fashion a repute that will help you book more trips.
Engage your clients on social media platforms.
     The Marketing concept has digitally evolved. Travelers of all age collections are nowadays using social media networks, where they engage each other on travel products, share experiences, or highlight their likings as well as misfortunes. As you engage your would-be clients, Use images, videos, questions, or statuses to spark conversations and influence potential clients to follow you. Eavesdropping to their comments and getting feedback aids you to generate better-tailored trips and packages.

Capitalize on online Reservations.
    Technology has transformed every characteristic of contemporary life, it has equally affected how travelers book trips and how agencies can trade packages. You can offer your visitors the choice of booking products online through your website. By doing so, you don’t have to worry whether or not your employees are sitting at their desks. Through online booking, your customers get attended 24/7 since the system accepts and processes the reservations spontaneously, thereby Providing your customers with a stress-free service. Travel preparations online are a great strategy for increasing your income.
Expand your business-to-business (B2B) connection.
Business relationship with associates is very essential. Business associates help you reach fresh markets, obtain fresh customers, get fresh concepts for advanced product expansion, and more. Regardless of the connection, it is important to note that gaining a new B2B companion is one thing, but maintaining this client is what necessitates hard and honesty. Learn how to effortlessly spread out your B2B network.

Underline the benefits of your product/service.
     As an alternative to challenging your competitors, direct your attention on outlining the unbeaten distinctive benefits of your service. Enquire from your current, contented customers for an appraisal/review, underlining all the affirmative aspects of the experience they’ve had with your agency. Gratified customers won’t dilly-dally in testifying their heavenly experience. Post it pompously on your company’s website and watch as you attract new prospective customers.
Find a travel vocation market.
     The travel slot doesn’t need to be complex or unusual but the more exceptional it is, the better. Niche travel means you are selling something that no one else sells, and that your product is not the same in some way.That can imply specializing in a particular demographic region, for example, forming trips for high-ranking corporate couples, a type of travel, for instance, hiking through the forests, mountains off the beaten path, or trips only for one specific terminus. This type of breakdown is intensifying in admiration as the competition upsurges considerably. Cluster various products into a distinctive travel package. Create a package and try to offer a healthier price by selling a hotel, flight, and activity together. This way, your customers get a full travel experience, giving you the opportunity to sell additional services and travel items.